An Ol’ Roy Dog Food Review

Dog food can be a major expense for a pet owner and there is nothing worse than spending money on a dog food that your dog refuses to eat. I was purchasing Nutro lamb and rice formula in a forty four pound bag exclusively. After spending around forty dollars per bag of dog food for nearly a year, I realized how ridiculous it was that I was willing to lay down that kind of cash on dog food while I was purchasing generic products for myself in an effort to save money. I began searching for an affordable quality dog food and I want to share my opinions and experiences with consumers who are looking to find a new and affordable brand of dog food.

Best Dog Food 2019

The first brand of dog food I purchased was Ol’ Roy Healthy Weight formula, because I am guilty of over indulging my dogs, and I want to keep them at their ideal weight, and healthy. The eighteen or so pound bag costs less than ten dollars per bag. One of my dogs liked the Ol’ Roy healthy weight formula, but he is not at all picky. To this dog there are only 2 flavors, food and not food. My other dog only liked the small green pieces of food that look like peas. He spit all of the other pieces of food back out. If you have a picky dog, Ol’ Roy healthy weight probably won’t be the best choice for you. I have honestly only had success with one blend of Ol’ Roy dog food. Ol’ Roy Dinner Rounds.

My dogs went wild for Ol’ Roy Dinner Rounds. I believe that the appearance of this dog food had a lot to do with the success it enjoyed at my house. Ol’ Roy Dinner Rounds look like a treat, like a steak treat. When my dogs see a treat they get excited, and you can imagine what their reaction was when they saw a big bowl of treats. Naturally they ate it. Ol’ Roy is priced from two dollars upwards of twenty dollars per bag, depending on what size and version you purchase.

Kibbles N Bits is about the best inexpensive dog food I have found that my dogs will eat, and often times it is less than nine dollars per bag which is even cheaper than most of the Ol’ Roy varieties. My dogs love the original blend of Kibbles N Bits, and I would recommend this dog food to anyone who wants a quality food that does not cost a small fortune.