Best Soda Makers

Right in time for the holiday season, soda makers are producing more and more options for families and they just keep getting better and less expensive. Today, we will look at the best soda maker 2019. This guide will help you make someone happy and knock a gift off the Nice list.

                        iSoda Drink Mate Hand Held Carbonated Soda Maker:

            One of the best soda makers right now is this nice hand-held soda maker. They are very small and inexpensive too. This soda maker is considered the best for those of you looking for a cheaper option. You can bring this along with you to parties, outings, and picnics.  The cartridges are recyclable, which helps everyone. It makes up to one-liter drinks each time.

                        Best Overall: SodaStream Crystal Starter Kit:

            This is a compact, efficient, and functional soda maker. It is from the guys that make SodaStream and it uses a glass carafe which is very easy to use and clean. The carafe is dishwasher safe as well. There is also a way to get a rebate when you purchase this.

                        Hamilton Beach Fizzini Hand-Held Carbonated Soda Maker:

            This hand-held device is the second cheapest on the list, however, its price does not reflect its quality. Its portable and small, but it does the job and very well. The carbonating unit simply fits on a bottle and then makes your beverage. It has great fizz control and with one simple turn of a knob, your drinks are made. Easy and simple.

                        DrinkMate Carbonated Soda Maker:

            This is voted the best multitasker on the market today. This soda maker is designed to carbonate any liquid. The others only carbonate water. This has a quick connect bottle that is marked with lines to show the volume. You can control your carbonation levels by pushing a button. You can always add more bubbles. IT uses iSoda bottles. It costs about $100 on Amazon.

                        Drinkmate Portable Carbonation Maker:

            The best portable soda machine was voted the best portable machine and has a great amount of carbonation, which generally comes with larger machines. It fits in your satchel, briefcase, or a picnic basket, so you can put it anywhere. This machine does not need power, so take it hiking or camping.  Check it out at Home Depot.

                        Innovee Soda Siphone:

            Voted best soda maker for small places. This can be purchased on Amazon for about $40. This device is great for those lacking counterspace and would like fizzy water. The siphon does not include any extra parts and it’s also very lightweight. The siphon uses 1 liter of liquid and you can put it in the dishwasher too. Its extremely easy and quick to clean up especially when you are on the go. Water only goes into the container; therefore, you just need to rinse quickly. It comes with a nice and free e-book for cocktail recipes. Who doesn’t want something free? This is a very affordable device and you’ll enjoy it.