Salzburg is a European city with an enchanting charm. Salzburg is located in Austria. It is a city with over 150,000 residents. The city is located close to the German border, and features many German influences. The movie, The Sound of Music was filmed in this charming place. The city has everything from rivers to fortresses. It was also the birthplace of Mozart.

Salzburg is a city with a rich and amazing history. Much of this history is still evident today. It is something you can see all around you, in this place that has been inhabited for thousands of years.

Things to Do in Salzburg Austria


StadtBus is the name of the group of city buses that are found in Salzburg, Austria. The best way for travelers to get around in the city is by walking, but if necessary, one of these city buses will work. They are inexpensive, and can help you to get around this small city.

Schloss Hellbrun

Once a palace belonging to the Archbishops of Salzburg, this fascinating place is now a tourist attraction. Enjoy guided tours of the grounds. It has a variety of pretty gardens and clever fountains, some of the loveliest in all of Austria. Be careful, however, as it is very easy to get doused with water.


Getreidegasse is a street that is located in Salzburg, Austria. It is a narrow street, and is also quite long. It is also central to the town and runs parallel to the local river. A large variety of shops can be found here.

Hohensalzburg Fortress

Hohensalzburg Fortress is located high on a mountain in Salzburg, Austria. It offers panoramic views of both the city, and the Alps. There is a museum located inside the fortress. In it, are a variety of torture instruments and medieval weaponry. These days, a variety of concerts are held here.

Mozart’s Birth House

Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria in January of 1756. The Mozart Birth House is the house where Mozart’s entire family lived from 1747-1773. The popular museum has a variety of letters and artifacts detailing the life of the great composer. It is an exciting place for the entire family to visit while staying here.

The Salzburg Zoo

The Salzburg Zoo is an exciting zoo that is located in Salzburg, Austria. It features well over 800 different animals. These animals come from over 140 species of fascinating animals. The zoo is one of the largest zoos in all of Austria. It certainly ranks as one of the city’s major attractions. People come from all over the world to get a look at some of the zoo’s rarer animals