Hand Mixer or Stand Mixer

Mixing ingredients are very doable by hand. So why bother buying expensive mixers? Baking is a very tedious job. It takes a lot of time and energy to have a précised outcome. With the help of a mixer, baking becomes more precise, faster and quicker. So if you are buying a new one as a first-timer or getting a new one to replace the old one, here is a quick guide for you.

There are different types of mixers in the market, the hand mixers, and the stand mixers. As to which is the best one for you actually depends on what you need.

Hand Mixers

For affordability, the hand mixer is the best option.  A hand mixer has a price range from $15.00 to $100.00 or more depending on the brand. With a hand mixer, you can choose for a manual or an electric one. A manual hand mixer or also known as rotary egg beater is ideal in places where there is no electricity like in a camp, while an electric hand mixer has an enclosure where the motor is placed. One of the many advantages of a hand-held mixer is that it is easy to clean and store. There are not many attachments to clean and it does not occupy much space in the kitchen drawer or cabinet. However, it should be kept in mind that the hand mixer has limitations when it comes to precision, speed and loads to bear.

Stand Mixers

It is known to many that a stand mixer can make the life in the kitchen easy. They are very handy especially when baking. Kneading dough does not have to be a tiring and long process, with just a push of a button, the dough will be ready in no time. Who could have thought that shredding chicken and mashing potatoes could be possible in a stand mixer?  With the right attachment, anything can be possible with the very versatile stand mixer.

Just like anything else, there are advantages and disadvantages this kitchen appliance has. A stand mixer is more powerful than a hand mixer. It can knead big batches of dough quicker and more precise. High-end mixers have timers hence you can leave it for a moment while it is doing its magic. More so, because it is heavier and bulkier, you do not have to worry about making a lot of mess in your kitchen because of its stability. And speaking of weight, on the other side, storing it would be of inconvenience especially if you will place it on the cupboard. You have to carry the weight up and down the cabinet if you do not want it constant on your countertop. However, if you want to place it on the countertop, it would take up much space because of its size not unless if you have a wide countertop. Furthermore, because of the size, the motor, and the attachments, a stand mixer can cost a lot more than a hand mixer.

A novice or an expert in baking would surely agree that once you get hold of a mixer, there is no reason to mix manually. There are lots of best hand mixers and best stand mixers in the market that you get your hands into.